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The struggle can be real when it comes to taking care of your cashmere. However I am hoping that after reading this blog entry, you take away some tips and tricks to make a your life a little easier.


  • Check your labels, only real cashmere sweaters can carry the label ‘100% cashmere’ if it is a blend then under The Federal Trade Commission it has to clearly state the percentage of cashmere as well as other materials.
  • Look for sweaters with at least ‘two piles’ this means that two pieces of yarn were twisted together to make your sweater, making it stronger.
  • Do your research, check out blogger recommendations or companies that are known for their cashmere quality. Companies such as Soleil Cashmere and Jcrew.
  • Price, this can be the most difficult thing to get your head around. The cost of cashmere can be expensive, however that’s the price you pay for luxury. Chances are if you have found a $50 cashmere sweater then it’s either fake or a blend (or you are hella lucky and need to tell me about it).


  • When storing cashmere, make sure it is away from dampness… the attic or garage is probably not the best place but if that is the only place then my suggestion is to use well sealed storage bags.
  • Don’t hang, as it could leave permanent creases. Your best bet is to fold your cashmere sweater with tissue paper at the folds to avoid creasing.


No need to take your cashmere to the dry cleaners, the best possible way to clean your items is by hand washing.

  • Dissolve natural shampoo (stay clear of chemicals… even on your hair!), in lukewarm water.
  • Once shampoo is dissolved put your cashmere in, make sure to have a soft hand as you wash the items, like your washing a baby.
  • If you would like after the cashmere is shampooed you can use a natural conditioner to help keep it soft, however I tend to skip this step.
  • Using a none abrasive towel BLOT dry your cashmere to remove as much moisture as possible.
  • Leave cashmere flat and out of sunlight for it to dry naturally.



_MG_9171Sweater: Soleil Cashmere Jeans: BDG Shoes: Adidas 

But most importantly enjoy your cashmere!

Photography by the talented: Veronika Kovecses

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