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Hello Loves!

Before I get a 100 comments saying “oh no Filipa what about your vegetarian diet”, I want to start off by saying I am still very much a vegetarian 6 days a week, I mean I turned down oysters last night! This is real for me haha.

Anyway, when the most delicious burger place in Toronto opens up a location in your little suburban city you just have to switch your meat day to give it a try. So what is this meal altering venue?! Well it’s the land of the delicious, The Burger’s Priest.

The Burger’s Priest is a classic American burger joint, with a twist. This holy temple of meat, not only serves up the classic cheese, meat, bun combo (which is also frigging delicious) they offer their customers some more creative alternatives.

The secret menu. If you are part of this religious assembly then you will already know that by heading to The Burger’s Priest website and answering a bible trivia, you are open to a list of bizarre but none the less delicious offerings… but I can’t tell you anything on that, it’s a secret.

However if you can’t be apart of this elite club, their standard menu is a force to reckon with. Take The Vatican City, two premium free range beef patties with cheese, sandwiched between two grilled cheese buns! Yes, this may be my calories for an entire week but it’s just soooo good! Oh and I shamefully polished it off with a Vatican On Ice, which is vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two grilled cheese buns …. oh the sin.

Take a look at the yumminess for yourself, oh but please don’t drool on your computer.


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  1. May 5, 2016 / 2:03 am

    Ahh those burgers look amazing!
    Being a vegeterian 6 days a week sounds like a great way of getting into that lifestyle. I’m definitely going to give it a go 🙂 x Alona


  2. May 5, 2016 / 5:47 am

    These look so good! How can I avoid drooling on my computer!

    I am definitely going to have to plan a trip to Toronto – you seem to have so many amazing places to eat! I passed through Toronto a couple of years ago but was only there for a day and didn’t discover any of the amazing places I see on your blog 🙂


    • filipajackson
      May 8, 2016 / 8:54 pm

      Oh yes, please come. If you any questions please don’t hesitate to ask… I love finding new places in the city

      Filipa xxx
      PlayingWithApparel.com | Instagram

  3. Amy Arnold
    May 5, 2016 / 9:25 am

    I’m not a vegetarian, but I don’t eat a ton of meat. However, I LOVE a good burger now and then. This looks awesome.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. May 5, 2016 / 3:09 pm

    This looks delicious! Great post!

  5. May 5, 2016 / 4:48 pm

    OMG, these burgers look SO delicious! I love a good burger and now you have me craving one, haha! This place sounds very interesting with their religious concept, definitely unique! Thanks so much for sharing, gorgeous, and I hope you’re having the best day so far!



  6. May 6, 2016 / 9:40 am

    Wow! Sooo yummy! Thank you for show this on your blog!
    Kisses, Leyre

  7. May 6, 2016 / 3:29 pm

    Oh my, those burgers look amazing! I was ready to ask where this place is located when I thought it was all vegetarian burgers cause I’m in TO also. However, I have been a vegetarian for about 15 years and eating meat is a no for me. Have a lovely weekend Hun!


  8. May 8, 2016 / 8:05 pm

    Niiice. BURGERS PRIEST! I used to go to the one in the beaches in they first opened and remember the secret menu was huge. This location looks like the one in Mississauga. Their burgers are way better than any In n Out burger in California and people just have no idea how good food is in Toronto. The best tacos I’ve had so far are in Toronto and I’ve travelled a lot & eat tons. 🙂 I could definitely use a burger with an option from Burger’s Priest.


    • filipajackson
      May 8, 2016 / 9:51 pm

      I agree Toronto’s food scene is pretty amazing, I always seem to find somewhere better than the next. I have never tried In n Out but am heading to LA in the next few weeks… I can’t wait haha

      Filipa xxx
      PlayingWithApparel.com | Instagram

  9. May 8, 2016 / 9:09 pm

    Burger Priest is AH-mazing!! They just opened one close to me too outside of TO in the GTA and I’m so happy that when I know what to indulge in a burger I don’t have to get fast-food!! Enjoy!! Xx

    Nikki | http://www.nikkibstyles.com

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