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Welcoming a baby into the family is such an amazing reason to celebrate. Even though new moms provide carefully curated registries for their baby showers, sometimes we want to add on a special gift that they may not be expecting. This is a great way to show your excitement for the new baby, but it can be a little intimidating to choose the right gift (especially if you’re not a mom yourself!). If you’re short on ideas, here is a list of some of my favorite baby shower gifts:

Gorgeous Gifts

These are some of my favorite baby shower gifts for the new mum that appreciates the finer things in life. These minimal, neutral gifts would be beautiful additions to any baby shower gift.

Kylo & Co. Boho Baby Gift Set

We are welcoming a new addition to our Kylo & Co store: the Boho Baby Toddler Newborn Gift Set! This adorable set includes everything a new parent needs to keep their little one comfortable and stylish. The set includes a pacifier clip to keep that binky close at hand, a handmade crochet rattle for endless entertainment, a soft and cozy swaddle to wrap them up in love, a gentle soft brush to keep their hair looking fabulous, and a “Hello World” tag for that perfect first photo.

Itzy Ritzy Milestone Cards

This set comes with 24 double-sided cards for 48 unique photo moments.

We take so many amazing photos and videos of newborns, but sometimes when we look back at them, we can forget the special moment that prompted the photo! These milestone cards can be placed in photos with babies to help commemorate special moments in their lives. Parents can look back and say, this is exactly how you looked when you took your first step!

Baby Closet Organizers

Because babies grow so quickly, new parents will receive clothes in a wide variety of sizes. These wooden tags can hang on closet rods to organize baby’s outfits by size. This can help parents keep track of the right size for their newborn and help them avoid a scramble when looking for the right outfit after a diaper change. Their adorable natural style would be a great addition to any nursery.

Cozy Security Blanket

There is a wide variety of color and animal options available for this security blanket.

I love this knit blanket as a baby shower gift because it is pretty, simple, and unique. It would be a great addition to newborn photos. It’s also a great gift that parents can hang on to for years to remember those first few years with their little one.


I have such wonderful memories of reading with my little ones. New parents often forget to ask for nursery books on their registry, but these can be wonderful gifts that lead to sweet memories.

Melissa and Doug Soft Activity Books

  1. Whose Feet?
  2. Whose Bone?
  3. Whose Tail?
  4. The Wonderful World of Peekaboo!
  5. What Should I Wear?

Melissa and Doug have a wide variety of adorable soft activity books for babies and toddlers! These are great for bedtime stories because they are safe, machine washable, and have simple, exciting pieces for babies. These are a great add-on to your baby shower gift because it’s something that a new mom might not think to ask for!

Night-Night Hometown Books by Katherine Sully

There are tons of versions of the Night-Night books for any hometown.

I was recently at a baby shower where the expectant mom received a Night-Night book based on a city she had recently moved away from. It was so meaningful for her to be able to share her hometown with her new little one. Katherine Sully has versions of the Night-Night books for cities, states, and countries all over North America. I love the idea of welcoming a little one to their new community with one of these books.

Easily Forgotten Essentials

Sometimes when moms are setting up their registry, there are some essentials that get easily forgotten. These might be things that new parents aren’t aware of or even just things that slip your mind…until you need them! Here are some easily forgotten essentials to add on to your baby shower gifts.

Car Seat Cover

This car seat cover comes in pink, blue, and grey.

One critical essential is a car seat cover. These are especially helpful for babies born in the Spring or Summer that might need some shade in those first few months. This is an easy add-on to your baby shower gift that is sure to come in handy!

Extra Onesies

This 8-pack comes in all white, mixed greys, and mixed blues.

Newborns bring a lot of laundry. New parents might be surprised at how often they have to change their baby’s clothes! Of course, buy all of the adorable onesies on the registry! It never hurts to have an extra pack of reliable, simple onesies for emergency changes!

Nellie’s All Natural Baby Laundry Detergent

This detergent powder has rave reviews from happy parents.

While we’re on the topic of newborn laundry, new parents might not be used to buying baby-specific detergent. This Nellie’s brand baby laundry soda is sensitive, effective, and well-loved. It’s a great essential to have on hand once the baby arrives!

No matter what you bring to a baby shower, remember that the best gift you can give new parents and babies is love and support! Parenthood is hard, but the help of friends and families can make it a little easier.

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