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I think the top question asked since Skye has arrived is, ‘what is your must have baby item?’. Well firstly I’m so sorry that it has taken two months for me to write this post, but when you’re knee deep in baby poops and cries, sitting down to write a blog post is literally the last thing on your list. We also wanted to actually use these products and see what Skye loves.

So here we are 2 months into life with our list of tried and tested baby approved must haves.


I would like to disclose that we were gifted our UPPAbaby VISTA, however all opinions are completely our own.

When I was pregnant the whole stroller debate of which one to get literally consumed my mind. There are sooo many on the market, but taking the recommendation of quite a few friends we landed on the UPPAbaby VISTA in the colour BRYCE. Why? Well let me break it down for you…

  1. It’s pretty. Listen, having an aesthetically pleasing stroller was a must for me. It may sound vain, but my job is to take images of my life. So the UPPAbaby VISTA is the cutest accessory to my everyday Mum life.
  2. It handles like a dream. Ok so this is where Sameer came in, he’s a guy that likes cars, so when it came to a stroller he wanted one that clings to the road. I’ll never forget the first day we went for a walk with Skye, Sameer decided to take her off roading into a park COVERED in snow! I for sure thought they’d get stuck, but instead the UPPAbaby VISTA plowed through like a champ.
  3. You can add more kids. The great thing about the UPPAbaby VISTA is that if you have more kids or decide to have more kids, it becomes a double stroller, you can just add onto your existing frame.
  4. Dual purpose. Before we had Skye we set up a beautiful custom bassinet in our bedroom, we had expected that this is where she would sleep. Well Skye had other plans, she hated sleeping in that bassinet. So we brought in the UPPAbaby bassinet. She immediately settled, so to this day we are actually using our UPPAbaby bassinet as her bed too! SKYE APPROVED.

Hatch Baby Rest

Everyone told me I would need a sound machine and for some reason Sameer and I didn’t think we would ever use it. It wasn’t until a few days prior to the arrival of Skye, that we used our left over gift card funds to pick one up… you know, just in case. Heck am I ever glad we got one! As I write this Skye is down for a nap, her trusty Hatch Baby Rest sound machine filling the room with some kind of fuzzy noise. Anyway here’s why we love it…

  1. You can app control it. Sameer loves anything techy so the fact that you control everything the Hatch Baby Rest can do from your phone is a major plus.
  2. Stays on. Apparently there are lots of sound machines out there that turn off after a while. This one stays on until you turn it off. We tend to keep ours on all night as it soothes us too! It also doesn’t over heat so there is no worry there.
  3. Time to rise setting. So this will be used when Skye is older but it’s perfect for toddlers. Set a time to rise to let your little one know when it’s morning and time to get up. This is a much gentler way to get them up, than when my parents would come into my room and rip open the curtains.


I cannot stand a traditional swaddle. I would spend so long trying to get my screaming babys arms down so I could swoop the material over her fast enough, for her to only break free five minutes later! That’s where velcro swaddles come in to save the day. Velcro swaddles are sooooo much easier, simply slot your baby in, wrap and stick… this kid ain’t going nowhere! There are so many of these velcro swaddles on the market that it can actually be quite confusing when it comes to buying. So here are my faves…

  1. Swaddle me. This was the first ever velcro swaddle I used and I loved it. They are easy to use, made with super soft fabric and affordable.
  2. Halo Sleepsack swaddle. More on the pricier side this swaddle also can transition to a sleeveless sleepsack, it also features a zipper that allows late night changes to happen without even waking Skye up!

Babymoov Lovenest

Ok, so this isn’t really a MUST HAVE, but after I showed it on my Instastories I was flooded with DMs. You guys seemed really intrigued by this heart shaped pillow. So what is it? It’s the Babymoov Lovenest pillow and is actually designed to prevent flat head syndrome in newborns. But it also helps Skye sleep, BONUS! That’s pretty much it, but to follow the theme of above, here are some facts about the Babymoov Lovenest

  1. Evenly distributes pressure over the head
  2. Suitable for ages up to 4 months
  3. Use in baby rocker, swing, or stroller

MamaRoo 4.0 CLASSIC

Ahh the 4Moms MamaRoo, another item that was highly recommended to me while I was pregnant. Boy am I glad we got this one. It’s an arm saver. Skye loves this crazy contraption, heck everyone that comes round to our house loves this crazy contraption. It’s actually quite funny, I don’t think a single person has come round without wanting us to turn this thing on. Haha. But back to Skye, she loves her MamaRoo, her fave setting is the kangaroo on top speed. It’s so lovely to hear her squeal with delight as she bounces around. But there are so many features to the MamaRoo

  1. Motions and speed. The MamaRoo offers five different motions and five different speed options, so there is something for even the pickiest of bouncers.
  2. Sound options. Although we haven’t used any of the sounds yet as Skye is actually content just sitting there, there are four built in sounds and the option to connect an MP3 device.
  3. Full recline. So here’s a funny story, shortly after Skye was born I received a DM from a lady who had just sold her MamaRoo, she told me she only just realized that it fully lay back! Oh man, does that suck because the full recline is Skye’s favourite position. It would have sucked to miss out on that one.

xoxo Fil

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  1. Vanessa Foy
    April 17, 2020 / 2:21 pm

    Hey Filipa and Sameer,

    Thanks so much for this list, it’s really helpful as I’m building my registry right now – and of course can’t go into stores to see anything in person. Appreciate the thorough testimonials!

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