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If you’re a Pinterest and Instagram fan like me, you’ve noticed that every few months there seems to be a new aesthetic that people are filling their homes and closets with. Now I love fashion, home décor, and trying new things so I’m always excited to see new trends emerge. I’ve had my eye on a few trending aesthetics, so I wanted to put together a look book of aesthetics to watch in 2023.

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Coastal Cottage

Now I’ll be honest, this trending aesthetic is often referred to as “coastal grandmother” aesthetic, but as a coastal mama, I’m not a big fan of that title! So I’m calling this aesthetic, coastal cottage. The fashion and décor elements for this aesthetic are neutral, calming, and simple.

For fashion, look for lightweight fabrics like linens and chambray denim. You want a flowing look, with wide-leg pants, oversized shirts, or shift dresses. Try some traditional coastal elements like nautical stripes or chunky knits, but balance them out with more minimalist, neutral elements.

For home décor, emphasize natural elements like wicker chairs, driftwood tables, and pieces of coral are great pieces for a coastal cottage. The color palette for this aesthetic will be neutral creams and tans, with small highlights of blues and greens. Be careful with those accent colors — too much blue or seafoam green can take you from coastal cottage to cheesy beach rental.

Groovy Maximalism

We’ve all seen the increase in 70’s-inspired looks. If you’ve been with me for a long time, you know that I’m not a maximalist at heart. However, there are some very cool ways to integrate a little bit of groovy maximalism into anyone’s home or closet.

For fashion, look for bright colors and floral patterns. If you’re pattern-averse, look for quirky accessories like big earrings or chunky shoes. Jewel tones like emerald green can help this aesthetic look more “now” and less like a 70’s costume.

When styling your home, you’ll want to look for staple items that incorporate some distortion (like wavy mirrors, knotted candlesticks, etc.). Knick-knacks and accessories are great for groovy maximalism. For this aesthetic, you’re looking for elements that speak to your personality. You’re looking for pops of bright colors (pinks, greens, yellows) mixed in with grounding bright white elements.

Masculine Minimalism

One of my favorite things about the direction fashion has taken in the last few years is the blurring of lines between what are “men’s clothes” and “women’s clothes”. As a woman, I really appreciate the ability to integrate more traditionally masculine silhouettes into my wardrobe.

When building a masculine minimalist closet, you want to focus on high quality, staple pieces that you can reuse in a variety of outfits. You’ll want a couple of great pairs of sneakers, a few suit pieces, high-quality tees, a few pairs of longer-length shorts, and some wide leg pants. Since this aesthetic is both masculine and minimalist, you want to stick to a core color palette. Pick a few colors that you want to wear and build your wardrobe around that palette.

At home, focus on sleek pieces with hard lines. A lot of pieces in this aesthetic will have a mid-century modern vibe with a mix of materials like wood and stone, canvas and leather, etc. Just like the clothes in this aesthetic, you’ll want to stick with a strict core color palette. This adds to the minimalist vibe.

One of the best things about social media is its ability to connect us to all different kinds of style and visual aesthetics! It helps us broaden our horizons and try fashion and décor we wouldn’t have picked out on our own. Don’t be afraid to try out a new look. You might just find the aesthetic that fits your vibe perfectly.

xoxo Fil

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