5 Flying With Kids Essentials

Hello Loves!

As I sit here waiting to deplane in Halifax, I thought it no better time than to share our traveling with kids essentials.

We have travelled quite a bit with the kiddos over the past little while, and whilst each child’s needs are different there are a few essentials we won’t get on a plane without.

Tablet & Headphones

Yes, I’m a screen mum and proud. Even if there’s a TV on the plane we will always bring a tablet filled with her fave movies and games.

Snack Box

A snack box is a must. We love the compartment ones that we can fill with all her fave dried goodies. There’s something new with the each bite.


My mum recently bought Skye her very own mini backpack and it’s a total game changer. Before each flight we will either go to the basement to grab some toys she hasn’t seen in a while or we head to the dollar store to grab something new and exciting. We will either give her the whole backpack at the start, or bing out a new treat like crayons etc every hour or so.

Extra Clothes

Change of clothes for everyone . We learnt the hard way with this. On Skye’s first flight she totally puked all over herself and me! After that a change of clothes is an essential!

Creature Comforts

Blanket & teddy. There’s something comforting about bringing some of your faves from home. To make the kiddos space more inviting we set her up with all her creature comforts.

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