5 Tried & Tested Toddler Travel Essentials

Hello Loves!

We did it! After 1.5 years we finally went on our trip with Skye. Although, we were so excited to explore somewhere new, the idea of the flight with an ants in her pants 18 month old was rather daunting. After some intense research on how to entertain a little one on a long flight, we figured out some holy grail items.

So, here are my tried and tested 5 essentials for traveling with toddlers.


For takeoff and landing make sure you have something for them to suck on to soothe them preventing their little ears from popping. With Skye we avoided the dreaded screams with a combo of a bottle, auntie dee dee (pacifier) and boobies.


Kids headphones are a must!! I didn’t even think about headphones until the day before we left, we quickly ran to Best Buy to grab a pair of gorgeous Frozen ones. They were a lifesaver, not only for Skye to watch Moana a million times over during the flight, but also at our destination when we needed a moment of peace.



So, we ended up hitting up good ‘ol Dollerama and Walmart for toys before we left. We wanted to get her some things she’d never seen before, but didn’t want to spend a lot on toys that would be spending most of their time on a dirty airplane floor. We bought enough to surprise her with throughout the flight. We also picked up this super cool Crayola mess free stow and go pack, that allowed her to draw without making a mess everywhere. Again a lifesaver in the hotels and long car rides. Also, under the title of toys are books! If your child is anything like Skye then books are a must, gather a few of their faves and get ready to read on repeat.



This was probably my most dm’d comment while we were traveling, where oh where did you get Skye’s snack box. We picked up this cool divided snack box from Michael’s, and I filled it with all of her fave snacks, it went down such a treat with Skye. Her fave was the freeze dried fruit snacks we grabbed, mess free and delicious. It kept Skye entertained for literally hours.



We didn’t really use this on the plane all that much, but it was so important to have… a tablet. So many planes these days, for some reason, don’t have screens (didn’t they get the memo that it’s 2021), so making sure you have a back up entertainment device in case you need help from your bestie Disney + is essential.

Don’t forget, kids are kids, they are bound to yell, to wiggle, to get bored, to cry. Don’t worry what others think, if they have a problem that’s on them. Enjoy the trip, it’s all a part of your journey.

xoxo Fil

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