5 Tips For Travelling to Disney World With Kids

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Travelling to Disney can be a dream come true, but let’s be honest it can also be an absolute headache especially when it comes to travelling to the most magical place with kids! It’s hot, it’s busy, it’s pricey, and no one wants to stand in the hour + long lines to go on a 30-second ride.

After spending my 33rd birthday and ringing in the New Years with the kiddos in the Disney parks we learnt a few tricks and tips I wanted to share. Here are my 5 Tips for travelling ti Disney World with kids.

5 Tips For Disney World

Disney App

Did you know Disney has an app? If you didn’t, download it now! My Disney Experience is essential for an easier Disney experience. You can see wait times for rides, get directions to your next stop, mobile order food, make restaurant reservations, and even pay for your merchandise. Just be sure to bring a phone battery pack with you because you are going to be living on this app, especially if you get Genie+.

Genie +

Talking about Genie+. With Disney getting rid of their free FastPass to make way for their paid Genie+ you will probably do everything in your power to avoid purchasing the $25 USD a day per ticket, but it honestly saved us so much of a headache. Here are some additional tips worth mentioning.

  • Get up early to purchase. Disney only allows a certain amount of purchases of Genie+ a day and yes you have to purchase the day of. I purchased mine at 7 am, which was perfect as 7 am is also the time you can start booking rides for the day.
  • Book the most popular ride first, trust me. Popular rides like ‘Avatar Flight Of Passage’ at Animal Kingdom which have a standby line of 3 hours book up fast to the point where they are no longer available on Genie+. Booked it but it’s not available until later in the day? Don’t worry, your Genie+ will allow you to book a lightning pass around every hour.
  • As soon as you’ve scanned your pass and are in line for your ride/experience book another Genie+ lighting lane. We did this at the Magic Kingdom and were able to meet 6 princesses and go on 7 rides! That’s crazy.

Taking Pictures

Want to take pictures at all the Instagrammable places such as Magic Kingdom? Be sure to get there earlier. Magic Kingdom opened at 9am and we took pics at 9:30am. Also, don’t be afraid to play with angles, head to the sides of the castle. We saw line ups to take pictures right in the middle of the castle and were able to create equally as amazing pics by being off to the side.

Restaurant Resevations

I think I screamed with glee when I saw that Cinderella’s Castle was available for lunch on my birthday. It has been booked up for ageeeees and came available a week prior. My tip is to keep checking for space, even on the day of. My birthday was fully booked for reservations but when I checked whilst we were there, I saw so much space had opened up.

Pack for the kids

I guess you would think that just being at Disney would be enough for the kiddos, but what we found was that they were incredibly overwhelmed and overstimulated. Here’s a list of some items we packed that came in clutch with the little ones

  • Stroller. A pretty obvious one but just want to put it in here, the stroller as annoying as it was to get through crowds was very much needed with all the steps we were doing throughout the day. But, here’s a tip within a tip, get a sign or a balloon so you can easily find your stroller amongst the rest of them
  • Baby carrier. I brought my trusted Baby Björn carrier and I am so glad we did. Not only did it come in handy when you had to park our stroller for rides/experiences, but we also found our baby was having a hard time falling asleep in the stroller so we would strap her to us and she’d be out in 5 mins.
  • Swaddle. When we felt the girls were feeling a bit overstimulated we used the swaddle to cover the stroller and tune them out from the world for a little bit. It was their safe space.
  • Activity. Bring some activities for them, colouring, reading, or even a tablet. Our toddler had major fomo even when she was absolutely exhausted. We found that by covering up the stroller and giving her an activity she may not have slept but was able to relax and regroup.
  • Snacks. There’s so much food at Disney but sometimes all your kids want is something they like, especially if they are picky eaters like mine. We packed our snack box and whilst they were having calm down time they were able to enjoy something they like.

Above all have the most magical time.

xoxo Fil

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