2024 Travel Wish List

The travel bug is biting yet again, so I know it’s that time again! Time to write out my dream travel wish list for the upcoming year. A travel wish list is a collection of all of the amazing places around the world that I am dying to see and experience this year. For my 2024 travel wish list, I’ve selected a destination on every continent (except Antarctica – I am not quite ready for that level of cold!). So get packed, we’ve got some traveling to do!

Asia – Uzbekistan

For Historical Adventures

Uzbekistan is an incredible destination for anyone interested in exploring ancient history. So much of the country’s rich culture can be traced back over 2000 years. The architecture is absolutely unreal, and there are so many incredible sights to see. Some things you can’t miss in Uzbekistan are:

Shah-i-Zinda, Cultural Landmark in Samarkand, Uzbekistan

This stunning shrine features some of the most beautiful tilework in the world. It’s frequently referred to as one of the most moving and inspirational destinations in the world. If you do visit, remember this is a holy site, so make sure to dress and enter respectfully.

Shah-i-Zinda, Image: Bayt Al Fann

Chorsu Bazaar, Open Air Market in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

This huge, open-air market is full of incredible textiles, fresh foods, ceramics and more. Visitors say that the fresh fruit is unforgettable! It is a busy market, and can sometimes feel chaotic, so it may not be the most family-friendly destination. However, it’s perfect for adult adventurers!

The Chorsu Bazaar, Image: Google, Bruno Locatelli

Africa – Mauritius

For a Mix of Luxury and Outdoor Adventure

Mauritius was a go-to luxury travel destination in the 1980s, but it hasn’t been as popular in years since. However, the country is undergoing an incredible renaissance, and there are so many new luxurious places to explore in 2024. Some sites you can’t miss:

The House of Digital Art (1O), Innovative Museum in Port Louis, Mauritius

The House of Digital Art, also known as 1O, opened in June 2023, making it a brand new 2024 travel destination. It exhibits innovative digital art installations and includes full-room immersive art pieces that you could get lost in all day. This museum is a must experience destination for art and design lovers.

House of Digital Art, Fler Exhibit, Image: HODA 1O

La Vanille Nature Park, Outdoor Experience in Riviere Des Anguilles, Mauritius

Not far from Port Louis, La Vanille Nature Park is one of the best places to experience the country’s indigenous animals. From hands-on interactions with turtles and crocodiles to a curated fossil museum, this park has a ton of amazing adventures. If you’re traveling with little ones, they even have animal experiences built specifically for kids.

Interactive Experiences, Image: La Vanille Nature Park

Europe – Portugal

For a Comfortable, Bohemian Vibe

If you’ve been traveling with us for awhile, you know that I have loved traveling to Portugal in the past. It’s one of the warmest, most welcoming countries I’ve experienced. However, this year, I’m dreaming of a new Portuguese destination – Costa de Prata. North of Lisbon, this part of Portugal is a much-less popular tourist destination. It’s on the rise for 2024 travel due to the opening of a couple of new boutique hotels. If you get the chance to visit Costa de Prata, don’t miss these destinations:

Aveiro, Peaceful Coastal Town in Costa de Prata, Portugal

This windy coastal town is known for its peaceful canals and pastel-colored Art Nouveau homes. It’s a relaxing beach destination popular with surfers and sunbathers. Definitely a must-visit beach in Portugal!

Aveiro Colorful Beach Houses, Image: European Best Destinations

Immerso Hotel, Luxury Design Hotel in Ericeira, Portugal

The Immerso Hotel is known for its effortlessly cool design, but reviewers are also obsessed with the amazing five-star food. This would be an incredible place to stay for a romantic getaway or an anniversary trip.

The Immerso Hotel, Image: Conde Nast Johansens

North America – Mexico

For a Vibrant Beach Vacation

There are so many incredible destinations in Mexico. So much so, that it was actually difficult to choose just one! However, my 2024 Travel Wish List choice for Mexico is the state of Nayarit! This beach destination has some of the most beautifully-designed hotels and restaurants in the country which is an amazing accompaniment to the unreal landscapes. Some places you can’t miss in Nayarit are:

Bucerias, Foodie Town in Nayarit, Mexico

If you’re traveling for delicious food (who isn’t?), then you definitely need to experience some of the restaurants in Bucerias. Try Armando’s Place for incredible seafood and gorgeous outdoor dining. In the mood for something a little more casual? Try one of the highly-recommended taco shops like La Takeria, Tacos Junior, or Taco Lindas.

The Town of Bucerias, Image: Human Connections

Sayulita, Cultural Landmark City in Nayarit, Mexico

Sayulita has been a popular destination in Nayarit for years because of its beauty, culture, and wealth of activities. If you visit, try the Sayulita Farmers Market to experience the best local foods and plants. Sayulita Plaza is an excellent destination for people watching, and Monkey Mountain is a great expedition for experienced hikers.

Sayulita, Image: Villa Experience

South America – Ecuador

For Walkable City Explorers

If you’ve never traveled to South America, the emerging city of Quito, Ecuador is a great entry into this incredibly vibrant continent. Even though Quito is an ancient city, recent developments have transformed the city into a contemporary destination for 2024 travel. The city has a great metro system, so it’s easy to navigate around to all of its great sites like:

Quito Old Town, Walkable Historic District in Quito, Ecuador

This UNESCO World Heritage site has a wealth of colonial Spanish architecture and easily transports visitors back in time. This is a great place to walk and enjoy little odd shops, cafes, and artisan markets. You may find yourself going back day after day!

Quito Old Town, Image: Joni’s Travelling

Jardin Botanico de Quito, Curated Garden in the City of Quito, Ecuador

This gorgeous botanical garden is a great little escape from the hustle and bustle of the city of Quito. It’s full of incredible indigenous plants and a gorgeous collection of orchids. The walking path is easy and a great way to see the full garden.

Jardin Botanico de Quito, Image: Jennifer Carr Photography

Oceania – Australia

For Wine Lovers

Wine lovers, forget Napa Valley. In 2024, we’re exploring the Yarra Valley in Australia, about an hour outside of Melbourne. Known by Australians for beautiful vineyards, boutique hotels, and stunning landscapes, this destination probably won’t stay secret from international travelers much longer. Here are some places I think you should see in the Yarra Valley:

Squitchy Lane Vineyard, Small Batch Winemaker in the Yarra Valley, Australia

Odd name aside, the Squitchy Lane Vineyard is an incredible destination for true wine lovers. They’re known for their small-batch, traditionally created Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc. If you’re traveling with a furry friend, their vineyard is dog friendly!

Squitchy Lane Vineyard, Image: Wine Yarra Valley

Edible Forest, Sustainable Garden in the Yarra Valley, Australia

If you need a little break from walking vineyards and tasting wine, you should check out the Edible Forest. Every single item planted in the Edible Forest can be eaten or used medicinally. You can book a tour to taste all of the seasonal plants that the forest has available.

Edible Forest, Image: Yarra Valley Estate

No matter which continent you choose to visit in 2024, make it a trip you’ll remember! Don’t hesitate to plan tours, reserve tables, and explore every bit of the city you visit! You deserve a chance to see and experience the world. Here’s to an amazing year of traveling!

xoxo Fil

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