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It’s the New Year, and it’s time to start reflecting on our habits and routines. This is the best time to set goals and start working toward achieving them. It can be really difficult to find organizational tools that help us balance our workload while also centering our personal growth and wellness.

I’m excited to announce our first set of Playing with Apparel Planners! These 2023 free planners are meant to help you organize your life, but they’re also meant to help you stick to healthy mindfulness habits in the upcoming year. The best part? They’re totally free, and you can download them right here. Let’s get a look at them!

Daily Planner

This 2023 Free Planner page helps you set priorities for each day. It includes sections for: today's journal prompt, today's affirmations, home tasks, go-out tasks, mental tasks, priorities, daily water intake, things you're grateful for, exercise minutes, and notes.
The daily planner can be printed or used as a background in a digital planner.

The Daily Planner helps you keep track of your daily tasks and priorities, but also includes wellness elements like tracking your daily affirmations, providing you space to show gratitude, and monitoring your water intake and exercise. This is a great introduction into daily habit tracking. Download it here:

Mindful Mom Planner

The Mindful Mom planner is my favorite of the 2023 Free Planner Pages. It provides affirmations suggestions along with a mindfulness habit tracker, a challenge tracker, and a mood tracker.
My favorite of our 2023 Free Planner Pages is the Mom Mindfulness Tracker!

The Mindful Mom planner helps encourage positive mindfulness habits in the new year. The primary component is a habit tracker that features gentle and thoughtful daily tasks like “compliment myself” and “laugh with my kid(s)”. It also allows you to track mood changes throughout the week and provides a list of affirmations for moms. Download it here:

Meditation Journal

The meditation journal helps guide you at three major steps of the meditation process. You have a place to dump your thoughts before meditation and to set goals for meditation. It provides mantra examples for during meditation and a space to reflect after meditation.
The meditation journal helps you prepare for meditation and reflect on the practice.

If starting or continuing a meditation practice is one of your 2023 goals, you can use this journal page to prepare for and reflection on your sessions. The journal page has four blocks: the first helps you get any distracting thoughts on the page before meditating, the second lets you set goals for your session, the third provides examples of mantras you can use during the session, and the fourth gives you space to reflect on your meditation after finishing your session. If you’re new to meditation, this is a great way to get started. Download it here:

Monthly Planner

The 2023 Free Planner set includes this monthly option for more long-term planners. This planner includes a blank month, with spaces for personal, financial, and family goals.
The 2023 Free Planner set includes this monthly option for more long-term planners.

If you’re more of a long-term planner, the monthly planner is a great choice for you. It features large blocks for personal, financial, and family goals along with space for looking forward to the following month. This is a great one-pager to hang on the fridge or in a central location to help everyone in the family keep track of the month’s events. Download it here:

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