10 Ways To Naturally Induce Labour At Home

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As my projected baby arrival date becomes more and more of a reality, seriously we passed our due date a week ago, I’m finding myself getting big and impatient! COME ON BABY W!

Feeling desperate and restless, I took to my Instagram following for help. What are your fave natural home induction methods? Well boy! Was I ever flooded with answers, I guess everyone and their dog gets this anxious so close to their date.

Over the past little while I have become a bit of guinea pig. I’ve been testing out all these methods and while I sit here in my beloved Starbucks (obvi) still very much pregnant I decided to round up the top faves courtesy of my lovely following. Hoping that maybe, just maybe one of these will be the golden key for you fellow impatient mamas.


Holy moly was this a popular point… heck even my Mum recommended it… awwwwwwkward! But if you can get past the awkward mechanics of the whole situation, not only can it be enjoyable but it can also be extremely effective. Sex helps produce the love hormone oxytocin, which is great for contractions. Semen, well that has a magic ingredient called prostaglandin, which is what is actually used in the hospital to induce labour, softening the cervix.

Nipple Play

There is nothing weirder than getting hundreds of DM’s from strangers telling you to fiddle with your nipples, especially again, when one of them is your mother. After 5 kids though she knows her stuff. But nipple stimulation also releases that much needed love hormone oxytocin. Spend 15 minutes playing with each nipple for at least an hour three times a day. Yep this is a commitment, but it’s super effective. Heck even I got some contractions from it.

Raspberry Leaf Tea

Raspberry leaf tea is more commonly used to strengthen the uterus and get your body ready for child birth. Many people start drinking this at least a month before their due date. However, quite a few of my followers stated that making a super potent version of this brew made them go into labour. All you need is 5-9 bags and let it brew for at least 3 hours. It tastes like crap, but it could work.

Walking The Curb

Boy was this a popular one! Walking the curb is when you walk with one foot on the curb and the other on the ground. It looks funny and may feel super weird but it apparently works. What it’s doing is wiggling that little bubs further into your pelvis allowing your baby’s head to apply some pressure to your cervix. Right now it’s super snowy and icy in good ol’ Canada so ‘curb’ walking was out of the question for me, however I did do a variation of this on my stairs at home.


This bromelain rich fruit helps soften your cervix. But to start labour you need to eat a lot! I mean a lot! My following recommended me consume a full pineapple in one sitting, this only left me with a really sore mouth… poor me!


Acupuncture was another popular method. I had done acupuncture previously when going through fertility treatments, and hadn’t been the most fond of it. But labour inducing acupuncture was very different, I had needles placed in all the labour inducing pressure points, like my feet, ankles, hands, and back. Every couple of minutes my acupuncturist would come and charge them, at times it did get super intense… but it felt like it was working.

Thyme Tea

Thyme tea?! What the heck is that… well it’s exactly as it sounds. Thyme leafs brewed into a tea. Simply brew the leaves for 5 minutes and let sit for 10 minutes before consumption. If baby is ready contractions should start. This natural labour remedy from the Caribbean islands and holds so many benefits even for after birth, like increasing milk production, lowering blood pressure, relieving menstrual cramps, and it’s even used as a cancer treatment!


Oh did I hate people for this one, haha. If you know me, you know I am allergic to exercise, especially squats. But apparently these legs drops of doom are great for activating labour, as it helps the baby move down into the pelvis. Ughhhhh.


This was one that I actually enjoyed. I love going on long walks with the hubs and dog. Walking on uneven terrain or swinging those sassy hips are even better. The bouncing movement brings baby’s head lower into your pelvis and can help thin out your cervix.

Spicy Food

By far my least favourite method was spicy food. I am an absolute wimp when it comes to spice. I can’t even handle taco bells mild sauce… seriously! But all in name of science, I tested this theory out… twice! Firstly with an incredibly spicy burrito bowl from Mucho Burrito and then again with a INSANELY spiiiiiiiiiiicy curry from our local Indian restaurant. The result, heartburn. So much heartburn!

Evening Primrose Oil

This is something I wish I started earlier, I have only just included this into my daily routine 3 weeks ago. Now evening primrose oil probably won’t trigger labour, but it will get your body ready. It can be taken orally or vaginally and should help shorten labour. For some of my followers, when used in combination of sex, it actually spurred their labour on. Meh, worth a try!

For many, these methods worked, for me… the unfortunate one… they didn’t. But I had fun trying them all out, and will continue to do so until baby girl arrives. Even if they don’t work, they do no harm and in fact help my body gear up for its biggest journey to date.

Please remember to try not to stress during this period of time, I know I’m literally the pot calling the kettle black, and it’s easier said than done. But try to enjoy these last wonderful moments of pregnancy… enjoy those kicks… even in the ribs.

xoxo Fil

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Disclaimer: Please note I’m not a medical professional, these methods were merely for entertainment methods. Please talk to your healthcare provider before trying any of them out.


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