Le Château Frontenac

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I am back and I’m feeling better than ever! Why you may ask? Because I’m starting this year off the way I want to spend it… traveling! I kicked my first 2018 staycation off in Québec City… I can’t actually quite believe that I have never visited this story book town before, only 8 hours (drive) from Toronto and you find yourself wondering if you crossed a border at some point (you didn’t… your still in Canada). I felt right back at home (Yorkshire, England) with its winding cobblestone streets and little pubs. But the main attraction is something you really can’t miss (quite literally, it’s huge!) and that I had the absolute honour of laying my head, the STUNNING Le Château Frontenac in Québec City. Now when I say stunning, I mean STUNNING… this place is legitimately a castle. Souring over the Old Port Québec, you are delighted to views and services fit for royalty, and if your a history buff like me… well this is your spot.


Located in central Old Port Québec, you are quite literally in walking distance to EVERYTHING. Take a stroll down the cobbled stone streets of Petit Champlain, wine and dine in Haute-Ville, or check out the historic sights such as the Basilique Cathedrale – Notre-Dame-de-Quebec… it’s all in walking distance.


The staff were warm and welcoming right from bonjour. The scene was set with their beautiful accents (you seriously don’t feel like your still in Canada) that whisk you through a quick and easy check in… Any questions or requests are no problem, these guys know their stuff. As an added bonus, in our room delicious treats were left waiting… how did they know I was hungry?


We had the privilege of staying in one of their newly renovated junior suites. Fun fact this location actually went through a $75 million renovation a few years back… and boy does it look good. All rooms are complete with the charming feel of the Fairmont brand, yet you are still well aware you are staying in a castle, but with the added luxuries of modern day. Our space was light and bright and deliciously cozy. We woke up to beautiful views of the famous copper roof and iced over St. Lawrence river.


Le Château Frontenac offers a wide variety of services and amenities. From the shuttles to the ski slopes of Stoneham ski resort, health and spa club which offers an indoor swimming pool, hot tub, kids pool, steam rooms, gym and for an additional cost spa services of your choice. To a historic tour of the hotel… which I highly recommend. This place has sooooo much history! You can actually stand in the room where Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and William Lyon Mackenzie King strategized D-Day!!


I was BLOWN away by the exquisite food. Firstly, their breakfast buffet Dufferin Terrace, offers anything and everything you could desire and is located in the most gorgeous hotel buffet room I have ever seen. Also fun fact, if you sit in the conservatory area of this buffet room you are actually sitting in what used to be their curling alley. The room service boasts an extensive menu, which may I suggest you try the pizza of the day. The chef uses different local cheeses which are drool worthy. Another fun fact, this hotel actually has its own cheese room filled to the brim with local delights. But the pièce de résistance is Bistro Le Sam. We enjoyed one of the most incredible culinary experiences I have ever had. We wined, we dined and laughed all night long. The highlight of our dinner was the most delicious cheese board which served 5 seriously generous portions of the most exquisite local cheeses I have ever tasted… and it was only $30!! I can’t even buy cheese at my local shop for even close to that. Le Château Frontenac also houses 1680 wine and cheese bar. Often competing in world wide mixology competitions, these bartenders know their stuff. Finally Champlain Restaurant which unfortunately I ran out of time to experience but I heard is just divine.

Whether you want action and adventure or a simple and relaxing staycation, Le Château Frontenac can most definitely cater to your needs. I can tell you one thing for sure… I will be back!

BOOK YOUR STAY AT Le Château Frontenac HERE








BOOK YOUR STAY AT Le Château Frontenac HERE

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Christmas Gift Guide

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Christmas is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like me then you still have plenty of gift buying still on your list. But do NOT fret, gone are the days of the sad last minute bottle of whatever is in your cupboard. We can do better than that. Amazon and their prime shipping have our back! So throw on your onesie, sit back and enjoy an egg nog (random fact… I actually hate egg nog lol), and listen here because we’ve got some shopping to do.

FASHIONISTA (click item to purchase)

GAMER (click item to purchase)

BEAUTY (click item to purchase)

All products available on Amazon.ca … click HERE to shop

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Staying Warm With Cougar Boots

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Why do we forget what winter is like as soon as it’s over? We are so shocked when we are sat by the pool, in our polka dot bikini’s, and it starts to snow. We have a slight panic attack when we open the blinds to see that there is STILL snow on the ground, like Mother Earth was going to miraculously take it away, and we still last minute shop for appropriate winter apparel because, well, we sold all last years as soon as the sun came out.

I gotta tell you, I check the box for all the above. However, I did come to accept that I’m a ‘forgetter’ while the ground still had dirt on it. Now that doesn’t mean that your too late and you should just succumb to Mr. Jack Frost… No, no, no it just means that we have a little bit of retail therapy to do *insert sassy shrug*.

When it comes to winter apparel, for me the one thing I hated the most was the dreaded ugly bulky winter boot. I would actually refuse to leave the house, just because the thought of lugging on some heavy gross boot was just not worth buying groceries. So this year, I took it upon myself to find the IT winter boot, to help not only me… but you my fellow friends (you know I got ya… stay until the end for a lil summin extra) stay fashionable these coming winter months.

That’s where Cougar comes into the picture. Even the name is fierce, so you know I found some fashionable finds fit for Elsa’s runway (haha get it?). This Canadian footwear megastar has been creating high quality boots and shoes for over 65 years… So you know they know a thing or two about winter. With their always waterproof design, your feeties are bound to stay warm and dry. Heck yeah! With a variety of styles and colours you are bound to find your Cinderella match.

Picking my perfect pair/pairs from Cougar was super easy… pretty much because I wanted everything! But after careful deliberation I was able to narrow it down to my two fav’s..

The Fabiola

This suede moccasin delight is a great and easy throw on bootie. Not only is Fabiola going to keep my feet nice and toasty during those lighter winter days, but also throughout fall and even spring. I am sure to get a lot of use out of these babies.

Shop Fabiola HERE (use code FILIPA2017 for 20% off non-sale items until Dec 31st 2017)

The Vera

It was love at first sight with these gorgeous suede shearling boots. It’s the kind of boot that you know is going to treat you right. Vera is going to be there for me during the coldest, snowiest winter days, keeping my feet warm and toasty, she knows what I like… haha.

Shop Vera HERE (use code FILIPA2017 for 20% off non-sale items until Dec 31st 2017)

Who said you have to dress like a marshmallow to stay warm?! Well whoever it is, is on the naughty list this year for sure. Cougar has transformed the way I do winter style, allowing me to continue my expression of fashion all while staying oh so cozy. Also, life update I am now happy to leave the house in my winter boots and my fridge is nice and full.

Shop Cougar from now until Dec 31st 2017 and recieve 20% off your purchase price, when you use the code FILIPA2017

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Winter Essentials

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Winter is here, and I don’t know about you but I am bloody freezing! That’s why with the help of my go to online source, Amazon, I have gathered all you need to stay cozy and warm this winter. Whether you are looking for gifts for someone special or just want to treat yo self, imma hook you up… you know I got your back!


I don’t know about you, but what excites me the most when it comes to winter is SWEATERS! I am such a sucker for a sweater, and although I tend to wear one even on the hottest days of summer (I just love them), I am joyous of having an actual excuse to wear one, or two, or even three (layering baby) snugly sweaters.

[Click picture to purchase]

shop more on Amazon by clicking HERE


Cozy homeware and goods is an essential part of the winter season. It’s also an excuse to change the decor of your house without breaking your bank… or in my case driving your husband crazy.

On The Go

As much as I wish that I could hibernate in my snugly sweater, under a chunky throw, with a beautifully scented candle burning, unfortunately I am still out and about during those cold winter months. So it’s important that I have things with me to keep me warm and cozy.


All products available on Amazon.ca … click HERE to shop

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Ultimate Guide to Cuba ft. Air Transat

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As upset as I am to be back in bloody freezing Canada, looking out the window to see SNOW on the ground…, I am also so super excited to finally be able to sit down and write this ULTIMATE Cuba guide for you guys.

Sameer and I have wanted to go to Cuba for YEAAAAARS, watching and re-watching Anthony Bourdain episodes, scouring YouTube to find as many glimpses of Cuba we could find, and even slowly swaying to the world famous Cuban band Buena Vista Social Club for our first wedding dance… you could say that we were rather obsessed. So when given the opportunity to make our dreams come true and travel to the vibrant and musical Cuba with the fabulous Air Transat team, to gather some info for you about their new duo package experience, we screamed for joy! I think I even peed my pants a little. But “what is this fabulous duo package?” I hear you all asking. Well what the duo package allows you to do is book one trip (available for 7 or 14 night stays- 3 nights in Havana & 4 nights in Varadero /4 nights in Havana & 10 nights in Varadero) and experience two different places, one trip two destinations! Hence why during our trip we stayed in Varadero as well as Havana. How genius is that!!! All the stress of booking hotels, transportation… gone, leave it to Air Transat, they’ve got your back.

I can hear ya clicking on the link to book your Air Transat Cuba duo package experience, so I thought for the rest of this post I would give you my ULTIMATE Cuba guide. This is going to be a loooooooong one, but guys here holds everything you need to know. The full who, what, where for your next trip to Cuba!


We had the amazing opportunity to fly Air Transat option plus.

  • This included complementary seat selection
  • Priority check in (YAS!)
  • Extra baggage (2 pieces of luggage, one for my clothes and one for my shoes haha)
  • Priority security check in (skipping that never ending winding line is pure heaven)
  • Priority boarding
  • Welcome package including; blanket, headphones, eye mask and pillow, option plus food.

A dinner menu designed by renowned Quebec Chef Daniel Vézina can also be purchased for $25. Sameer and I actually got to indulge in the delights of Mr Vézina’s menu. On way to Cuba, Sameer enjoyed a delicious vegetable moussaka, while I tucked into a scrumptious restaurant worthy bowl of Gnocchi, both served with a cheese plate and glass of wine. On the way home we both devoured a heart warming vegetable risotto rinsed down with a glass of white wine… a perfect treat.

Our trip started off in the beautiful Varadero, located approximately 45mins away from the airport. This sprawling beach paradise is sure to leave you relaxed.


VARADERO – 4 nights


We had the absolute pleasure of staying at the gorgeous adult only beach front Paradisus Princess Del Mar. Not only were the rooms and views perfect, but the resort itself was full of sun, sea, sand, and FUN! Boasting 3 pools (one for VIP’s only), 10 restaurants, bars, gym, spa, beach access and fabulous nightly entertainment… you are sure to have an entertaining trip. Wanting to treat yourself a bit more? Upgrade to the Royal Service, like we did, it was totally worth it as it offered a variety of little extras such as;

  • Spacious and beautifully decorated Cuban style suites
  • 24hr room service
  • Beach bag and towels
  • À la carte breakfast lunch and dinner (also available for room service)
  • Nightly turndown service
  • Luggage unpacking/packing
  • Personalized private check-in/check-out

and my absolute fav… butler service! Our fabulous butler literally took any kind of work off our hands. She booked all our dinners and helped with any requests… such as helping find Mel and I coconuts haha. She was the icing on top of a very relaxed cake (does that make any sense? haha)


During this trip, we didn’t actually experience off resort dining…, we were having too much fun to leave. So I can only recommend food within the resort, but I have to say my fav dinner was at the Japanese restaurant, which offers a teppanyaki style experience. Funny story, it happened to be Mike’s birthday the day before our dinner and when the staff heard this, to Mike’s embarrassment, the whole restaurant erupted into a chorus of happy birthday sing song, and a platter of cake was also graciously served.


I have to say that while in Varadero I was kind of saving my nightlife for Havana. But we did manage to watch the nightly entertainment put on by the wonderful staff. The girls and I couldn’t contain our dancing feet, and on numerous occasions got up to shake what our mamas gave us. There is also a piano bar and cigar lounge on location and a bus to a local club.


Not only does the resort offer a variety of different activities, such as beach volleyball, dance classes, and the spa… it is conveniently located in walking distance from a super cute market, full of handcrafted gifts and souvenirs.


If you get the chance, the jeep tour is a must! Although, don’t be expecting to actually get in the Jeep branded vehicle, you have to remember American products are a no beuno… Instead you ride around in a Chinese made Baic truck, which is equally as cool! All cars are standard, but don’t worry if you or your group don’t know how to drive stick, someone else or the tour guide will drive for you. What you will experience is:

  • An off road adventure to a local farm, where you will taste the fruits in season
  • Snorkeling the Playa Coral
  • Show by local tribe (Mel and I were lucky to be included and blessed)
  • Cruise the Carimar river by speed boat
  • Enjoy a traditional local lunch
  • Take a dive into the perfectly preserved Saturno Cave


From Varadero the bus picked us up for our two hour journey for the vibrant city of Havana. Along the way we stopped off at the coolest road side rest area I have ever seen, where we danced to a local band while drinking piña coladas out of pineapples (you may have seen all the goofy instastories).

HAVANA – 3 nights


Our hotel for the duration of our stay was the Meliá Cohiba, located in heart of Havana, just moments from Old Havana. As soon as you walk into the humongous lobby you know your going to have a good stay. We were actually staying on the Level floors which for a bit extra gives you a separate check in area, and included daily breakfast and lunch snacks (well worth it). The hotel also has a beautiful sprawling pool, 6 restaurants, 6 bars, gym and spa.


Ok, so this section is going to be a rather long one… there is SOOO much great food in Havana that I don’t want to miss anything. That’s why I am going to break this section down into what and where we ate daily.


El Patio (Plaza de la Catedral, 54 San Ignacio)

For people watching, this is where you want to be. Located directly in Cathedral square in old Havana is this divine establishment. On the pricier side the location is well worth it. Sameer and I didn’t actually eat here, but we did enjoy a glass of white wine while we watched tourists and locals alike marvel at the beauty of the architecture.

La Bodeguita Del Medio (Empedrado, La Habana)

This place is PACKED, and for a good reason. Not only has it been in business since 1942, it’s also the home of the mojito…. Yep it doesn’t get any more authentic than that, it’s the original. Here we enjoyed a traditional family style Cuban dinner of pork, rice and beans in a tiny little room with pictures of famous faces (I spotted Sting!!) and signatures of people that have passed through their doors littering their walls. While we ate we were serenaded by the most incredible band, they sang a Cuban rendition of Despecito, and under Sameer’s request a very authentic and special song to me (it was our first dance song at our wedding), ‘Chan Chan’ by Buena Vista Social Club… man what a great night that was.


Mecure Seville Havana (Trocadero 55 e – Prado y Zulueta)

We started our day off in the most delightful pink hotel. Recommended to me by the fabulous travel blogger Merel from @andathousandwords, I knew I had to take the crew here. Sure enough Merel was right and we all quickly fell in love with the famous pink courtyard. Here everyone but me (I can’t drink caffeine remember, although I did steal Sameer’s cup for a pic) enjoyed coffees and cappuccino’s, which they all said tasted great.

Marisa’s apartment (Cathedral Square, Old Havana)

Where do I start with this one. While Sameer and I sat the night before drinking our wine in Old Havana we noticed across the courtyard a basket being dropped to the ground, a person would come take something out and then whole cycle would start again. I was able to ask someone walking past, package in hand what they were doing. To my surprise they showed me a sandwich and drink and recommended that we enjoy this delight for $1 CUC. So that’s exactly what the crew and I did the next day, with the help of a local lady we yelled up to Marisa from the floor below, out popped her head and it is was a done deal. We didn’t even know what we had ordered but BOY was this exciting! 30 mins later the basket was handed down and inside were two authentic as heck Cuban sandwiches (ham and cheese) and a special fruity brew made by Marisa herself. Guys you gotta experience this.

El Del Frente (O’Reilly, La Habana)

After listening to all the PR peeps go on and on about their amazing experience and the delicious food at El Del Frente, we caved. Although, Marisa’s sandwich was absolutely delicious, two was just not enough to feed the six of us. Hot and bothered from walking the baking streets of Havana, we headed up to the salvation of the El Del Frente’s rooftop. Here we enjoyed the most refreshing drinks (may I recommend the cucumber one) and food… ever! We ordered a variety of treats to share, which included beef carpaccio, seafood spaghetti, croquetas, tacos and ceviche. YUM.

Helad’oro (Aguiar, La Habana)

After being lost on the streets of old Havana for quite a while, we finally took a right turn that led us to an ice cream shop! Drool! Isabelle and I had been wanting a cooling ice cream all afternoon and finally our dreams were coming true. I enjoyed a basic bi*!h vanilla while Isabelle and Anna shared a fancy double scoop of mojito and nutella… cost? $1 CUC!!!

Atelier Restaurante (Paseo Y 2, Vedado, 5ta, La Habana)

After googling restaurants near Melia Cohiba, Sameer was able to find a perfect little rooftop establishment. Fitted with glistening string lights, we enjoyed a delicious surf and turf experience under the Havana night sky. It really was as romantic as I am making it out to be.


La Guarida (418 Concordia, La Habana, Cuba)

Now Anna had been talking none stop our entire Havana trip about this restaurant, we just had to go. I think someone said Beyonce had been there… and well if it’s good enough for Queen B, then I’m in. Not going to lie, when we arrived we did second guess our decision. La Guarida is located in what some people might describe as a derelict building. If it wasn’t for the kind English speaking tourist that yelled to us “Guy’s it’s so worth the 3 story staircase climb!” we may have turned around… Thank you kind sir because heck yeah this place was great. On the second floor is a peeling yellow room, known as the ball room, here airily floated table clothes hung out to dry… it was a ghostly sort of beauty. One more marble staircase flight up and you have found the restaurant. Here I tucked into a fresh tuna tartar while my friends enjoyed a variety of goodies, from tuna steaks, to de-shelled whole lobster. Boy was it drool worthy. But the experience doesn’t end here… before you leave take the spiraled staircases as high as you possibly can, to view the most incredible sights of Havana. It will leave you speechless.

Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski (Havana 10200)

The Kempinski hotel is the new kid on the block, opening its doors in June of this year the luxurious hotel offers amazing views, stunning suites and world renowned food. We dined on the rooftop platform with panoramic views of the Capitol building, Hotel Nacional de Cuba and museum. We were joined by staff member Arelis who told us more about the colourful beauty and history of Havana. All while we enjoying wine, octopus, lobster, pork and to top it off the most scrumptious chocolate lava cake.


Fabrica De Arte (Calle 26, La Habana, Cuba)

Located in a former cooking oil factory is an art gallery and premier nightclub. Get there early (around 8/9pm) as a loooong line begins to form to enter this crazy cool space. Sip on a cocktail and enjoy the incredible pieces of art that surround you, or even have a little boogie on the dance floor.

Habana Café (6. Vedado., 10400, Calle 5, La Habana Hotel, Calle Paseo e/1ra y 3ra, Vedado)

Part of the fabulous Meliá Cohiba is Habana Café. Some of the greats have performed here, including my beloved Buena Vista Social Club. Enjoy a drink, sit back and watch the pros at work, or join in and let them teach you a move or two.

Pazillo (6. Vedado., 10400, Calle 5, La Habana)

During the day this place is a cute little cafe, but by night be prepared to listen to some fantastic live music, have a dance or two, and enjoy food and drinks galore. You remember my earlier story from Varadaro where the whole restaurant sang happy birthday to Mike? Well for some reason he thought it would be funny to tell the band that tonight was Sameer’s birthday. Hah. Now let me tell you a little about my man… this guy hates attention, so when the whole establishment stopped what they were doing to sing a Cuban style happy birthday tune and bring him a cake, flaming candle and all, Sameer did go a slight shade of maroon. This was a night for the books.




Change your money to CUC at the hotels

US dollar has a 10% service charge – Canadian dollars are preferred

Visa is accepted in some establishments, but only if bank doesn’t route through the US

Local meals cost $1 – $4 CUC (Marisa)

Average meals cost $8 – $12 CUC (Bodeguita)

Expensive meals cost $15 – $25 CUC (Kempinski)

Normal cab from Meliá Cohiba to Centro Havana should cost around $10 – $15 CUC

You can hire an American car for an hour tour for $25 – $32 CUC

If you want a full tour I recommend the Hop On Hop Off bus available in both Varadero and Havana

I would like to thank the whole team over at Air Transat, boy do they know how to create the best traveling experience. With the duo package from start to end, our trip was relaxed, fun and enjoyable… something that if I had to book on my own would be a total disaster, and for as little as $879 – $1459 all incl per person from Toronto, it’s really a no brainier. I highly recommend you go to Cuba, the thought of not being there anymore leaves me wanting to cry. It’s such a beautiful place, full of some of the most incredible people, you are bound to fall as deeply in love as I did. However Air Transat also offers the duo package to a variety of fabulous locations such as, Nicaragua, Panama, Columbia, Haiti, Roatan and Guadeloupe. Have a great trip!


xoxo Fil


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