Hello Loves,

With my life changing for the better in these next few weeks AAAAAAAAAAA!! I thought I would let you guys get to know me a little better. I reached out to the internet and social media to answer 15 of your questions.

So here we go!

What is your full name?

Filipa Jade Jackson

How old are you?

I am 26, 1989 baby!!!

How many siblings do you have?

I am 1 of 5. I am the oldest and only girl of 4 crazy, creative boisterous brothers.

Do you have an accent? Where are you from?

I might have an accent, but so don’t you?! Haha. I am originally from Leeds in the UK but moved to Canada when I was 14

What’s your ethnicity?

I am mixed, both my parents were born and raised in the UK. However I am from Jamaican and Scottish decent. Oh there is also some Chinese blood… crazy right?!

What’s your fav social media?

Instagram ALL THE WAY… oh and Snapchat! Darn haha!

Where do you prefer more? Canada or UK?

This is a really hard question to answer. I love Canada as it brought me my man and besties… however I will always be a Leeds lass. My heart is still in the UK.

Would you ever move to another country? If so, where?

Sameer and I always talk about moving haha. We are contemplating moving to the UK or LA, we will see.

What is the secret to a long term relationship?

Communication! Don’t hold anything back, you are best friends… act that way!

Where are you getting married?

I’m getting married at Azul Fives by Karisma, in the beautiful Playa Del Carmen, Mexico!!!!!

Where would you love to travel to?

Bali!! I am desperate to go to Bali.

What is something people might not know about you?

I suffer from anxiety. I have really bad panic attacks that are triggered by nerves… it’s something that I will be working on for the rest of my life. However I recently got a Himalayan salt inhaler and it’s most definitely helping!

What is your obsession?

I am utterly obsessed with my fluffy baby Coal, my 6 year old toy poodle.

What can’t you leave the house without?

Other than my underwear… my phone! I NEED MY IPHONE AT ALL TIMES!

What is on top of your bucket list?

Stand on the equator… I think that’s pretty frigging cool.

@filipajackson DSC02520 DSC02539 DSC02505 DSC02570 DSC02522 DSC02537 DSC02562 DSC02517 DSC02583


Shirt: American Eagle Jacket: Vintage (similar) Jeans: H&M Shoes: Nine West Bandana: WSF Bracelet: Na-kd

I had so much fun answering your questions, and would love to do another one about my wedding…. so please either comment your questions about my upcoming nuptials or send them to my e-mail filipa@playingwithapparel.com

I’m excited to hear them!

xoxo Fil

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Hello Loves,

Today officially marks exactly one month before I become Mrs. Jackson-Walji. To celebrate this day I have teamed up with Daniel Wellington to tell our love story.

Sameer and my relationship sounds like it’s straight out of a movie. High school sweethearts, 10 years of love, but like every movie, there is always a conflict before the climax.

Here is our story:

I met Sameer my first day of Canadian high school. I was so nervous. I had moved over from the UK at the tender age of 14 (thanks a lot parents). Sameer walked into English class, he was late, I thought he was a total badass… real sexy haha. After many a flirtatious winks and flippings of the bird (haha so childish) across the class room, I finally worked up the courage to text him!! Because I’m a boss ass bitch.

However this isn’t where my fairy tale starts, oh no! Sameer played it real cool, took me on a chase… a chase that lasted a little over a year!! It wasn’t until I started to move on, forget about him, that he became interested (men… typical). On New Years Eve of 2006 at the stroke of midnight… my man asked me to be his, forever. Did I think that we would be where we are now, home owners, parents of our fluffy baby, about to walk down the aisle… hell no!! Being high school sweethearts is tough! People change as they grow older, you just have to try grow together. There were numerous times we broke up during our University years, however I believe this helped us… made us stronger, as individuals and as a couple.

Although our 10 years has been sometimes confusing and difficult, I would not change one moment of it as it has shaped who we are today. Today we are strong, today we are in love… I am more in love with Sameer as I have ever been. I am so excited to be his wife.

Oh gosh guys, I’m going to be a WIFE!! Please join me in this celebration of love, by following along via social media.


DSC03271 IMG_0052 IMG_0085 IMG_0027 DSC03277 IMG_0157 IMG_0074 copy IMG_0021 DSC03291 IMG_0222 IMG_0089 copy IMG_0065 copy IMG_0048 DSC03265 IMG_0038


MY LOOK: Shirt: Free People Jacket: Zara Jeans: BDG Shoes: Le Chateau Watch: Daniel Wellington Sunglasses: Ebay

HIS LOOK: Top: JCrew (Similar) Denim Shirt: H&M (Similar) Jeans: Forever 21 Shoes: Call It Spring Watch:Daniel Wellington Sunglasses: Forever 21


Sameer and I are both rocking the new Daniel Wellington Dapper collection. This watch features super cool blue hands… adding a little jazz to a classic watch. Daniel Wellington has spoilt us by giving me a coupon code to share with you lovelies.

Use the code FILIPA15 upon check out to receive 15% off your entire order. Code is valid until June 15th.


xoxo Fil

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Hello Loves,

I was recently introduced to the feature of this blog post while attending a local Toronto pop up shop. I automatically fell in love with the product and production, and just had to let you guys know about them.

Guild Eyewear was founded by Rob Fitzsimmons Frey in 2012. They pride themselves on their individuality of making unique, ethically and locally handmade one of a kind eye wear. I was actually given the opportunity to go down to their studio/factory in Toronto’s west end, to see the whole process of creating these beauties! I was blown away by the love and passion each individual has for this project, there is truly so much care.

As I got the tour of the space, I was explained how each pair of glasses and sunglasses comes to be. Although there was so much info that I kinda forgot it (whoops), Savi Pannu my hero graciously sent me some info:

‘When a customer orders a pair of GUILD sunglasses or optical frames, we input the order into our design software where it is converted to Gcode and then sent to the CNC mill. After the frame fronts and arms (called temples) are milled, we cut off the milling tabs and heat the material and bend it to form (face curvature). After that’s done, we place the fronts and temples into the tumbler where they tumble overnight. For the next 5-6 days, we check on the pieces every day, remove imperfections by hand-sanding and polishing, and move the pieces into progressively finer polishing mediums. When the fronts and temples are finished tumbling they are heat stamped with our logo on the side of the temples and the hinges are riveted in, finally assembling the temples to the fronts. After one last adjustment to ensure that the eye wear is symmetrical and sits properly on the face, we send them out to our lens lab where they are fitted with lenses. When the glasses return, they are ready for customer pick-up or delivery’

See can you blame me for forgetting?

All of the frames are made with ‘mazzucchelli cellulose acetate’ which for us normal people is a organic material made from cotton and wood fibres, allowing these babies to be 100% hypoallergenic… See there is so much detail in each pair! All of their frames and cases are made in this one stop factory, and the lenses are sent out to another local (Toronto) company.

Each Guild eyewear is fun and quirky. With a huge selection of sunglasses and eyeglasses, you are sure to find the perfect pair for any face shape, style, personality trait or mood swing.


Guild Eyewear has graciously given us a coupon code for this long weekend! If you enter the code MAY24YAY upon checkout you will receive 25% off your order!! www.guildeyewear.com

Discount is valid until Tuesday May 24th. So hurry and get your order for a one of a kind, handmade pair of Guild Eyewear quick!


DSC03239 DSC02187 DSC02191 DSC02193 DSC02195 DSC03244 DSC02441 DSC02436 DSC02455 DSC02442 DSC02470 DSC02468 DSC03225

Pink Sunglasses: Psycho Candy Geometric Sunglasses: Ryder Tortoise Sunglasses: MJS


Guild eyewear is available for purchase at:

TORONTO: MADE, Likely General, Raw Space, United & Co, Spadina Optometry, Infinite Vision Eye Wear. Brika, Drake General Store and Ardith coming June 2016
NYC: Goose Barnacle

INTERNATIONAL: www.guildeyewear.com

xoxo Fil

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Hello Loves,

If you have been following along with my blog for a little while, you will have probably guessed that I’m no girly girl when it comes to fashion. Yes I do like to be feminine, but I like to put my twist on it… boy it up, add an ounce of rock and roll.

I recently went on a little mall run, while shopping, I quickly fell in LOVE with this beautifully girly, floral, wide legged, backless jumpsuit from Forever 21… oh boy it’s BEAUTIFUL! It had to be mine. Although this isn’t something that I wouldn’t normally go for, it is a tad too girly for me, it was just drool worthy #lush. Also, rather perfect for my upcoming trip to Las Vegas and LA. I needed to update my closet… get a little west coast flare.

Oh yes have I told you guys yet? I am heading to Las Vegas this coming Saturday, we are going to be staying at the SLS Las Vegas. I am so incredibly excited… then after a few days there we are planning to rent a car and road trip to LA!!! I have never been to LA before, which is just insane! We are staying at The Line hotel, which is exciting on it’s own.

I can’t wait to bask in the sun, stroll the streets and try all the Instagram hotspots. I hope you follow along my adventures by joining me over on Snapchat (username: Filzer). There will also be numerous blog posts I am sure.

I would also greatly appreciate it if you could give me your recommendations of places I should go, do, see, smell, eat… I would love to hear it!


Filipa-25 Filipa-11 Filipa-26 Filipa-9 Filipa-16 Filipa-23 Filipa-13 Filipa-4 Filipa-32 Filipa-12 Filipa-31 Filipa-3


Jumpsuit: Forever 21 (similar) Shoes: Primark (similar) Sunglasses: Ray Ban Earrings: Claire’s Bracelet: Foxy Originals Necklaces: N/A

xoxo Fil

Thank you to my beautiful photographer Darlene from The New Girl

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Hello Loves!

So a couple of you have been asking me for an update on one of my main new years resolutions… getting myself in shape. I have to be honest this is a resolution I have been struggling with… HARD! I mean I really hate working out, and then there are so many distractions like eating chocolate cake under a blanket snuggled up with Coal (my doggy) while watching Netflix

Current Netflix Faves:

  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  • Cooked
  • Happy Valley
  • Doctor Foster

and then bloody Orange Is The New Black season 4 comes on June 17th… it’s a never ending cycle. Ugh sorry I went off on a tangent there… back to the topic. The moral of this post is my wedding is coming up in just a little over a month and I need to get myself in order. UGH. I plan to get myself another gym membership (for the 4th time in 2 years… oh the shame), and attempt to do some sort of squat challenge or something at home. This is making me tired just typing this, haha the struggle is real.

I am so sorry and embarrassed that this update hasn’t been a productive one and I’m not able to be like b*tch look at my Kylie Jenner boot-ay but this is real life. Sucks.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get in shape, real quick?? Please help me!


DSC02097 IMG_8491 DSC02082 DSC02101 IMG_8498 DSC02086 DSC02103 DSC02108

Top: Forever 21 Pants: Alo

Shop the look HERE

xoxo Fil

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